wow i haven’t been on here for months and there is so many messages about my luke fanfiction “changes” in my ask. i feel so bad. i should have finished it for you guys. i suck.

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fuckingbrooks replied to your post: update

I miss you!!

and i miss you<3

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Anonymous asked: MARIEEEE where have you gone :( i check everyday to see if you have posted and you still havent :( please come back!

i don’t think i’m coming back :( probably just once in a while.

meow, Meow, MEow, MEOw, MEOW

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rewritemylovesong asked: let me tell you that I just felt in love whit charlie :O

she’s amazing right!!! i’m in love with her and her voice<3 i can’t wait to see MK1 on the live shows this weekend. sucks that i can’t vote though. xx